hobby OS, Coded by Craig Bamford
DexOS the game console OS
DexOS is a x86 32-bit console like operating system, coded in 100% ASM, by Craig Bamford.
Now when most people think of consoles they think of playing games, that is true, but these very same
console can just as easy be used for web browsing, interfacing with electronics, writting supper fast
apps etc.
From the start, as you would expect from a  console like operating system, optimizing for speed has been
of paramount importance in the overall design of dexos. To this end there's no virtual memory paging,
and only a single process is allowed (though that process can spawn multiple threads). The program runs
in ring0, so you have direct access to all hardware (including CPU and graphics). Memory allocation is
the responsibility of the app - there's no front-end memory allocation. The entire operating system will
fit into less than 64KB of memory. dexos can boot from a floppy disk, cd, usb flash drive or directly
from hard drive. It has lots of built-in functions and libraries to help programmers. You can boot without
touching the underlining OS. A small team of coders are working on tools to help you develop applications
 There's an IDE, a Fasm port, and a full TCP/IP stack
implemented, plus a console like GUI.
The fastest x86 OS 
 dexos is one of the fastest operating system available for the x86 PC! Everything in this system is focused
on speed: the architecture, avoidance of virtualization ... everything. And of course, there's the choice
of development language: dexos is written in 100%-pure 32-bit assembly!
A perfect development platform
Because of its clear, modular architecture, we hope it will become a great development platform.
The functionality of all 'parts' of the system can be easily accessed from your applications and if you miss
a part, it's very easy to add it later. That's the idea behind the architecture of dexos. Everything can be
connected, and everything is replaceable. We invite everyone to take a test drive, and start using the OS as
a development platform for your applications or for educational purposes. The use of the system is completely
free, all we hope is that you post the programs you have created back to us, so they can be shared with the
rest of the world .